About The Author
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About The Author

Who I Am

D evoted to detail, enamored with history and believe in combining traditional values learned as a free-hand artist with those of design, I love order and the unknown. When I was a kid, I find myself sketching all the time; I really enjoy drawing. Later on, I was interested in the digital world so I studied Computer Programming. But in order to combine the two favorite subjects I became a Graphic Designer, graduated with a bachelor in Fine Arts in 2002 from Florida Atlantic University. Then I had the ‘wonderful idea’ of returning to school, to start all over again but this time to fulfill my perennial dream in becoming an Architect. I graduated with a bachelor in Architecture in 2014. At this moment, I have 4 years experience and it feels good knowing a little more every day. At the beginning, I became a drafter more than a designer to enter the real world of architecture. But it has been very useful in understanding the ‘how things work’ and making sense of the building code and our obligations toward life and safety. I think knowing these subjects makes us better.

I see myself soon working for a firm with great design orientation, now that I have acquired the needed skills with the profession and the IBC. My goal is getting to the point of ‘creating’ over producing. My goal in the years to come is taking the ARE 5.0 exams to become licensed!