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Barba non facit philosophum

Victor Coronel graduated with a bachelor degree in Architecture from Florida Atlantic University in the Summer of 2014. With 4 years of experience in the field he is strongly motivated by how much he has learned and for what is still ahead to learn from the professional practice every day. He strives on delivering quality creative to all of his clients and work hard to make sure that each project is more than a creative expense, but an investment with a return. He believes that design can change the world.


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About Victor Coronel

Epistemology in a nutshell

Great passion, late start. All avenues into one. No regrets, great fulfillment, very sudden it makes sense.

Visual Arts

Sketches, Serious Drawings, Graphic Design, Web Design, Business. Art was there, the artist was outside.


753. Stone triggered past and present. Yellow book, short passages, big cities, absent characters,


Western. Great minds, so much joy! Old fellas in white are the spirit of the search for knowledge. We all desire to know.

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